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Minding Liam – Beverley Warwick

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Minding Liam – Beverley Warwick



Bazzill cardstock – 2 x kraft and dotted swiss blissful

3 bugs in a rug paper – home grown (the dotted side)

Letters for title cut from cosmo cricket girl friday paper

Pink paislee alpha stickers



Photos – 1 5×7 and 2 6×4


  1. Matt your 5×7 photo with the dotted paper (It does seem a shame to use the back of such a neat paper but if you are careful, it is possible to save a whole line of houses for use in another layout or card!) Ink and distress the edges.
  2. Leave the other photos 6 inches wide but trim from the top or bottom until they measure 3 inches tall. Matt these photos beside each other on a strip of kraft cardstock.
  3. Take a piece of dotted paper 27.5cm x 7cm. Draw a fancy bracket edge on one long side and cut out. Cut the same shape from the swiss cardstock. Layer, ink, distress and curl edges.
  4. Cut another strip of dotted paper 3cm x 27.5. (This goes at the top of the smaller photos to give the impression of one solid piece of dotted paper behind the photos)
  5. Cut a piece of swiss cardstock to measure 27cm x 21 cm, tear off the bottom edge at a slight angle. Matt your large photo onto this at the top.
  6. Cut a journalling block out of kraft cardstock again using a fancy bracket shape. Ink the edges of this so it will stand out against the same kraft coloured background.
  7. Using a piece of kraft coloured bazzill as your base, layer all the pieces together. Begin with the dotted paper pieces, then add the large photo with the swiss cardstock layer. Then the smaller photos and finally slip your journalling block slightly under the main photo.
  8. Add a sprinkling of buttons, a title and some journalling. The letters for ‘Liam’ in my title have been cut from the cosmo cricket paper and then matted on the swiss cardstock.
  9. As a final touch add some stitching. I have stitched a border by first punching evenly spaced holes with my paper piercer then stitching with 6 strands of embroidery thread. The swirls were hand drawn first in pencil, then, when I was happy with placement, with brown pen. I then punched holes and stitched with two strands of cotton.

layout instructions for 7 going on 17 by Lesley Cooper

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Instructions for You – 7 going on 17!

You will need

1 x 4×6 photo (horizontal) and 2 x 4×3 photos (portrait)

Core Colour cardstock – Gibraltar

Core Colour cardstock – Reflecting Pool

s.e.i – Oasis Alphabet stickers
Making Memories – Tiny Alpha stickers

Collage Press – Jackson Lodge Journaling Cards

Amy Butler – Die-Cut Cardstock Ephemera

Amy Butler – Lotus Faded China – Full Moon

Amy Butler – Lotus Tea Box – Tree Peony Flat Paper

Lotus Tea Box – 12 x12 Embossed Butterflies Die-Cut Paper

Take the Gibraltar cardstock for your background.

Trim the photos so they form a 4×12 strip across your cardstock. Take the Reflecting Pool cardstock and cut a little higher than your strip of photos to allow a thin border around the photos. Adhere photos.

Cut a piece of the Full Moon patterned about 3 cm taller than the Reflecting Pool strip. Adhere your matted photo strip onto this to leave an even border above and below. Mount this onto your background cardstock.

Adhere your title using the SEI stickers. Outline with black pen and then remove and restick the alphas slightly out of line with the letter outline.

Add subtitle / journaling with the tiny alpha stickers.

Use Amy Buttler ephemera and butterflies and the journaling cards to embellish.

Note – distress and ink edges as desired.

Paper Wreath

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I can’t remember which magazine I got the idea for for this wreath – think it might have been Creating Keepsakes, but sorry I can’t give credit where credit is due.

  • Firstly cut 400 6″ x 1″ strips of patterned paper or cardstock. I actually used only about 250 in my wreath, so I think the foam wreath I bought wasn’t as big as the one in the magazine. Take this into account when deciding how many strips to make.
  • Staple the ends of each paper strip together to form a loop (the stapled end will be flat).
  • Adhere the flat end of each paper loop to a foam wreath, being sure to overlap each paper loop about 1/2″ to cover the entire foam wreath.
  • I adhered my loops with a glue gun – it was faster drying and made assembly a lot easier. I got my foam wreath from Ike’s Emporium in Browns Bay, on the North Shore in Auckland. I’d also suggest trying Spotlight or other craft outlets for the wreath. My wreath was 8 1/2″ in diameter, so larger wreaths may use all 400 loops.
  • I used the same colour loop on each row, and offset my rows slightly. Here’s what it looks like from the back:

  • If you want to hang the wreath simply pin a length of ribbon to the back of the foam. The wreath could also be embellished as desired.

Life Is Beautiful – Ilka Adam

Posted in Ilka's class by paperpesto on October 15, 2008

Ilka has put together an amazing wall hanging with the October kit complete with instructions for you to download. It’s a word file with pictures and is approximately 624kbs.

life-is-beautiful-class, open wit

Click on the link above to download the class.

Passages of Time – clock faces

Posted in Uncategorized by paperpesto on July 2, 2008

Here are some clock faces you can download and use with your Passages of Time collection if you so desire. They’re in a word document, and are easy to alter (size, colour etc). Try printing a clock face onto accetate to create a see-through embellishment for a fraction of the cost you’d pay in the store.


Dione Evan’s -Instructions for special time.

Posted in Dione's class by paperpesto on May 28, 2008

Click on this word file to download and read on your computer.


It must be love- Layout and instructions by Marni Telford

Posted in Marni's class by paperpesto on March 10, 2008

Ilka’s stickers for free download.

Posted in Ilka's class by paperpesto on March 7, 2008

This file contains some neat images that go really well with our March Kit.

There’s a pointy ‘check this out’ finger and some neat owl postage stamps!

Download, resize and print out to add to your pages!


Vaterstolz -Father’s Pride -layout and instructins by Ilka Adam.

Posted in Ilka's class by paperpesto on March 7, 2008

Love U Always by Ann McLachlan

Posted in Ann's class by paperpesto on February 1, 2008

Here are the instructions for Ann’s layout “Love U Always”, made using the February “Be Loved” kit.



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